Task management

Replace table and note tracking with the ITEMS People intuitive task setting environment.
Task management

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ITEMS People task management environment.

Easy assignment and redistribution of tasks

Set tasks for employees with the ITEMS People task management user environment and ensure you never lose sight of what’s important to your company. Easily access the set tasks to make sure your team is on the right track. Redistribute tasks and meet deadlines on time.

Cards with all the necessary information.

Gain a clear insight into the set tasks

The ITEMS People task management environment has tabs that contain all the necessary information to help your work with your team be more organized. By opening any of the tabs, you will have the opportunity to change the deadlines for completing the tasks, to assign the task to another member of the team, comment on the task and add an attachment related to a specific task.

Effective human resource management.

Manage HR commitments

The ITEMS People task management environment reminds you when you need to complete a task.

Organized problem solving.

Enhance teamwork

The ITEMS People task management environment helps your team do more tasks in an organized way.

Intuitive functionalities.

Accelerate task creation.

ITEMS People task management will use intuitive functionalities to enable each team to quickly create tasks.

Use ITEMS People for free.

Automatise the process of work of your HR team with the help of ITEMS People HR Software.

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