Assign employees a specific position in the company

Employee management software ITEMS People provides your team with all the necessary information about employees.
Employee management

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Employee data

Introduce hired candidates in the company

ITEMS People allows you to very easily introduce the accepted candidates into the staff structure. For candidates who have been hired, a position is created within the organizational hierarchy, with the possibility of assigning certain documents relevant to work with employees (e.g. employment contract, sick leave decisions, promotion decisions).
Employee management
Employee structure

Employee structure

Create and maintain the employee structure

Every company needs an employee structure to make it easier to gain insight into positions in the company. ITEMS People allows you to organize the structure of employees, to assign and change the positions of employees in the company.

Easy employee management

Save employee information

Simply introduce candidates into the employee structure and manage employee data. Assign employees a specific position in the company.

Employee profiles

Data on employees in one place

You can access all information about employees through their profiles. Having all the information in one place makes the job much easier.

Organized structure

Presentation of the employee position in the structure

Organized presentation of the structure of employees, changing and assigning employee positions, provides a clear insight into all positions in the company.

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