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Advanced analytics Own tests
Onboarding advanced features Integration with existing HR system
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Use 9 functionalities for free
An unlimited number of entries per job ad
ITems People in the free version allows an unlimited number of applications for each of the created ads
Unlimited number of candidates in the base
ITems People in the free version allows you to have an unlimited number of registered candidates in the database
Predefined selection steps
In the free version, you have pre-defined selection steps (eg interviews, tests, etc.) that will suit most companies that occasionally look for new employees.
Predefined competency model
For companies that do not have developed their own competency model, we have offered free ITems Standard Model, which will meet the needs of most companies
Two free tests (IT literacy and General intelligence)
In the free version of Items People you get two free tests that you can use in the selection process: cognitive ability test and IT literacy test
Introducing new employees into the organisational structure
Once you have completed the selection process and found a suitable candidate you can add him to the organizational structure at ITems People
Employee management
Onboarding basic features
Provide an unforgettable experience to new employees from day one through this free functionality
Flexible biographical form
Adjust the CV form that candidates fill out to the job requirements they are applying for
and more ...
Client support
In higher packages you get the support of our company for every doubt you have
Training for clients
We organize training for employees in your company on how to use the application
Four additional tests (Excel, Personality, Interests and English language)
In the higher packages you get four additional tests for selection purposes
Analytics and Reporting
You have a quick and clear view of the statistics related to your ads
Own domain
The selection URL contains your company name or any other name
Branding the app with your own logo and colours
Brand your recruitment and selection application with your logo and colors
Managing vacation and sick leave requests
Your employees can easily submit a request for vacation or leave online
Onboarding advanced featurese
Customize the onboarding process to your requirements
Defining your own selection steps
If you use different steps in the selection process than those we have defined, you can add them with this option
Defining your own competency model
If your company has its own competency model, you can add it to the selection process with this functionality
Integration of own tests and questionnaires
Take your tests online in the selection process
Defining different roles in recruitment team
Add different levels of access for company employees
Integration with existing HR system
Integrate ITEMS People with another HR system via the API connection
Task management
It allows you to assign tasks to company employees and track their progress
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