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ITEMS People is HR software that helps you select candidates who have applied for your ad.
Candidate selection for job

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Selection of job candidates

Shorten the candidate selection process

ITEMS People views each selection as a series of steps that candidates go through. It is possible to set a number of selection steps, such as reviewing the resume, telephone interview, f2f interview, testing, offer and others.
Shorten the candidate selection process

Candidate selection

Make the candidate selection process easier

Set criteria that will facilitate the selection process. Use filters from the candidate list table to speed up the selection process. Enter ratings, comments, for a specific selection step. Determine if the candidate moves on to the next selection step.

Objectivity of the selection process

Improve the quality of decisions

ITEMS People HR software automatically suggests which candidates meet the set criteria, thus improving the objectivity of the entire process.

A clear assessment system

Improve transparency

Defining a clear candidate assessment system that allows all recruiters to conduct assessments using the same frame of reference.

Accurate and updated data

Data available at all times

See in real time all the important information about the selection step that a certain candidate is on.

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