Tests and questionnaires

Our tests and questionnaires will help you find the best candidates and make better recruitment decisions.

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Test the candidates

Assign tests for specific skills

Test candidates by assigning them tests for specific skills. Our team of psychologists has created ability, personality, interests and knowledge tests that help you get to know your candidates better.

Ability assessment

Test a wide range of skills

Test a wide range of job-related skills and traits. ITEMS People tests help you assess the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in a particular job.

Hiring new members.

Reduce recruitment mistakes

Testing is an effective approach to gathering objective information about candidates. ITEMS People tests allow you to integrate assessments into the hiring process.

Carefully developed tests.

Systematically determine people's abilities

Carefully developed tests and questionnaires can help you systematically and accurately determine which people have the knowledge, interests and abilities to achieve maximum effectiveness at work.

Hire the right people.

Reduce employment costs

Pre-employment testing and assessment can reduce recruitment and training costs by providing you with data that can help you hire the right people.

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Automatise the process of work of your HR team with the help of ITEMS People HR Software.

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