Select a candidate who best fits the ideal profile

Free Recruitment Software ITEMS People is a solution that helps you recruit and select candidates who are to be hired at the company for the first time or it can assist you in the process of employee promotion. Our software facilitates collection, storage and search through the candidates’ applications, shortening the time required for selection while increasing the quality of the decisions about the candidates.
Free HR Software. Select a candidate who best fits the ideal profile.

When is the right time to start using our Free HR Software?

Make better decisions

  • Increase the quality of your decisions. The application automatically suggests which candidates meet the set criteria, thus improving the objectivity of the whole process.
  • Improve transparency. Defining a clear candidate evaluation system that allows all recruiters to make assessments using the same reference framework.
  • Accurate and up-to-date information available at all times. See in real time all the important information about ads that exist within your business.
  • Easily create comprehensive reports. Gain insight into the key recruiting metrics and take appropriate action.
Free HR Software. Make better decisions.
Free HR Software. Build the best team together.

Build the best team together

  • Our platform enables a constant flow of information and continuous communication between the members of the recruitment team.
  • Easy time matching. It is possible to check the availability of other recruiters, find an appointment term that is open to everyone and schedule an appointment or interview at a time that suits everyone.
  • Division of tasks. It is possible to assign and track tasks delegated by the Admin to recruiters.
  • Easy integration. If there are changes to the recruitment team, it will be easy to introduce new members.

Make the selection process more efficient

  • Create an ad quickly. ITEMS People allows you to create your ads very easily and they are instantly accessible online.
  • Save your time. By setting minimum criteria for applicant selection, you will no longer waste your valuable time on completely unqualified applicants.
  • Easily track and manage candidate applications. You can customize your criteria according to the entries you received to discover the best one.
  • Define the positions of new employees. Easily introduce all new employees into your organization’s existing hierarchy.

Our Features & Skills

The most important functionalities of the Free ITEMS People Recruitment Software

Advanced Analysis

We provide a recruitment team with a sophisticated system for candidate search by various criteria, along with the creation of comprehensive reports.

Selection steps

Determine the selection steps for each ad independently.

Competency Model

Define your own or use the Standard Competency Model offered. You can use different models for different positions.

Define the criteria

It is possible to set different criteria that candidates must fulfil in the selection process.

Tests and questionnaires

Administer your or our tests and questionnaires directly to the candidates directly from the application.

Keeping personal data

GDPR is a legal framework that prescribes how EU citizens’ personal data are used.

Why trust the ITEMS People Applicant tracking system?

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